Providing water is Life, Proving it clean is health. ~ the Chieftan

XXX / 10000 minted



Owning our shared icon of Humanity - an Africano - will symbolize your belonging to the community of Generosity, Sympathy, Kindness and Appreciation. Africanos is going to provide 15% of all sales to the less fortunate communities in Africa and aid them in their struggle to survive by providing them with life’s main necessity that they lack - safe and clean drinking water.


A group of Warriors who have taken it up on themselves to help the less fortunate african communities and provide them with one of life’s main necessities - safe and clean water.


We won't stop there - We will be building water treatment facilities in those African communities to make sure that nobody will have to suffer the atrocity of thirst and despair and resort to drinking filth, diseases, and viruses. With the help of the many partnerships we have planned - we will raise awareness to tell the world about the agonizing life many African communities have to endure, and solve it once and for all.

Included in the smart contract is a 15% donation of every minted Africano that will be given out to selected Water organizations to help them keep helping those who can’t help themselves. In order to sustain this posiitive change & generate constant funds, 2% after sales will be donations to the organizations.

what makes Africanos special is that it represents the african community ,which is under represented in the space

our plans for the future include both to help and for our collectors , we’re In talks with Huge afrobeat artists for concerts in the metaverse and that only africano holders will be able to have access to enter.



25%- 5 Africanos will be randomly airdropped to reward early collectors . Based on engagement , more team members will be selected to moderate the community as we expand!


Africanos merch, Launch a signature brand exclusive to Africanos members . A store will be purchased in decentraland to layout the designs with exclusive access to Africanos only


10% of sales to be donated to a charity of the Africanos community choice to provide the safe waters in each village. A concert is to be held in the Metaverse with access to Africanos holders only, and this is just the beginning!


15% of sales proceeds will be donated to water treatment plans for the African communities suffering to get clean waters by the choice of the Africano community. Allocate 10% of sales proceeds to develop community driven projects providing new utility to Africanos. As we will be developing our Africanos VR game concept & Members will have say on which direction to direct Africanos


What is Africanos?

Africanos is a collection of 10,000 randomly generated (viragos/warriors) on the Ethereum block chain as ERC-721 tokens and hosted on IPFS.

How much does an Africano cost?

52 Matic per NFT

When will Africanos launch?

The expected launch date is end of October

What is the purpose of Africanos?

Africanos aims to solve the struggle many communities in Africa have - which is getting the basic life necessity that no human can live without - Clean and Safe drinking water - is that too much to ask for anyone?






Ace Artist

Dilshan artigala

Blockchain developer